Enlyft drives persona-led web experience, increases engagement
with ROI tools for prospects

Enlyft, the Seattle-based company that helps its customers get actionable marketing intelligence about enterprise clients, had a traditional website that showcased what they did: offer actionable marketing intelligence. They approached us to help rethink this model and launch a new site in time for the Serius Decisions event, where they were sponsors.

We worked with the head of sales and customer-facing teams to understand what their pitch was, and what were some of the push-backs to a sales close. Clearly the existing messaging was not working enough, and the leadership was open to rethinking the entire site.

The key buyer personas for their product are heads of marketing, sales, and data scientists. With research, customer experience insights, and experts interviews, we identified the key challenges these three personas face, and how the Enlyft product helps overcome these challenges.

Website: We created a new set of navigation calling the attention of marketing, sales, and data scientists, and a series of customized landing pages for each of them. We also created an ROI calculator that would help them identify their challenges and how they could improve.

Outcomes: The new site was launched in 60 days, in time for the Serius Decisions event. The client is seeing higher traffic to the persona pages, and increased use of their ROI tool.


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