The B2B buying process is becoming more social. The buying of products or services is a group decision, and buyers are constantly sharing seller stories, reviewing experiences, and examining risk factors.

Purplepatch helps you tell brilliant stories. Of your products delivering disruptive benefits. Of your services helping transform your customers’ business processes. We craft your stories that communicate, convince, and build context for your business growth.

Here are some clients who continue to win in the market by telling brilliant stories and shortening their sales cycles.

Big Botts rebrands as Aligned Automation, pursues a data-inspired
transformation offering to customers

Big Botts, a Texas-based business and technology consulting company, approached us to help with their marketing. After initial discussions and whiteboarding with the leadership, the company’s offerings—initially just consulting—went deeper into helping their customers in their digital transformation journeys.

We challenged the leadership about the name and they were happy to reconsider it in light of the fact that they realized their services are far more impactful than their practice of robotic process automation (after which they had named the company.)

After many deliberations, we all were happy with Aligned Automation: how they help their customers’ business units align around data-driven insights, and then drive automation to accelerate their digital transformation.

Branding: We created a simple, yet bold and elegant brand identity of two A’s overlapping, intertwined, and used Gotham as the font of choice. The resulting branding delighted the client and they ran a “smell” test with their customers, who responded very positively to both the name and the branding.

Website: A typical consulting company would usually use the standard navigation of Services, Partnerships, Solutions, About etc. We decided to challenge this, and created a buyer-focused website. The key buyer personas are business heads, transformation leaders, and the C-suite who are looking at improving internal processes, executing on new opportunities, and scaling efficiency without losing edge.

Our client offered two core services:

Data Services and Transformation Services. The engagement model through which they offer these two services is called Fast90—how they deliver outcomes in 90 days or less.

AllyO emerges from stealth, launches a fully-integrated website
and marketing automation to drive pipeline growth

The AllyO founders were building the first-ever chatbot based recruitment platform for the hiring market—especially for high-volume recruiting in retail, restaurant, and other services businesses, where the drop-off from application-to-interview schedule was over 95%! The AllyO bot removes the friction in the entire recruitment process, and after more than two years in stealth, the company had raised one of the largest Series A. They decided to come out of stealth.

Working with Purplepatch, the leadership and marketing team created the brand positioning as the End-to-end Recruitment and Employee Engagement Platform.


The client had three major requirements:

Build a brand presence that showcased the enterprise strength of the product, as they were targeting large enterprises and the HR leadership
Create engaging content and immersive experience that mimicked the product experience, since they wanted the product to be the hero
Establish a mature marketing infrastructure to help scale in-bound leads, automate many of the marketing functions, and cater to a growing marketing team

Working with the business and technology leadership, we helped create the first ever solution matrix for the company:

AllyO Connect for Applicants and Employees
Recruitment Automation Bots that automate the entire process—Capture & Apply, Screen & Assess, Schedule Interviews, Talent Pool Engagement, Employee Referral
HR Automation Bots that created automation for the first time in some of the traditional processes like, New Hire Check-ins, Onboarding, Internal Mobility, Ethics & Compliance Management, Employee Pulse Survey, Exit Feedback Survey
We worked with the sales team to identify what would be good MQLs and metrics for form fills, gating content, and chat hand-offs. Our team implemented specific forms for each page, A/B tested the right position for these forms, tested gating content for frictionless download, and the entire chat workflow before the conversation was handed off to a sales person.
Our team of content writers worked with the CTO, product marketing, and sales teams to create the content plan: web pages, solution components, case studies, blog topics, white papers, and infographics. Targeting millennial employers and employees, we used the right language, judicious amount of text that engages their attention span, and a journey-based content structure. As the reader became more intrigued with the product and site, we fed deeper and longer form content, thereby ensuring there was very little drop off.
Based on this matrix, we designed the site navigation and created a full website on Wordpress, including integrating the site with HubSpot, heat maps, and Salesforce CRM. We also implemented a chat bot for the company itself.
Finally, we refreshed the company’s Linkedin and Twitter presence
Entercoms delivers the industry-first BPaaS offering for Service Supply Chain, wins a Gartner Cool Vendor

Entercoms, the Dallas, TX-based company, has been innovating in the Service Supply Chain—spare parts, after market services, and services delivery in the supply chain. The company’s platform and managed services were uniquely designed to help their clients run their entire service supply chain as a service.

The challenge was that this offering was not clearly articulated, positioned on the website, and delivered as a customer advantage to their buyers. The company was also going through a leadership transition and wanted to emerge with a refreshed digital presence.

Branding: The existing logo was about a decade old, and was difficult to implement in different situations. We created a clean new logo—the metaphor of connecting multiple variables in the service supply chain that the client platform enabled, and used a modern font. Since this entire offering was based on connecting disparate silos of data, revealing insights, and transforming supply chains, we also created the new tag line: Connect. Reveal. Transform.


Content: The challenge of creating a new category of services is how to evangelize it with prospects and existing clients. Purplepatch worked with Entercoms to create a dynamic Resources center that showcased numerous assets that helped in the entire marketing funnel—from the top of the funnel to lead closure. These assets span the range of white papers, infographics, blogs, e-books and so on, and we created a content calendar that helped the client plan their campaigns.

Campaigns: We continue to work with Entercoms to help build a pipeline in the service supply chain market, where we identify the verticals of target, buyer personas, friction points, and the alignment of the BPaaS offering to these variables. Over the last 18 quarters, we have helped the client drive multiple campaigns, nurture prospect pipeline, and convert more conversations into opportunities.


Website: The client’s offerings were complex and across multiple industries. The challenge was to create a snapshot recall right on the homepage, and we achieved this very powerfully. Also, we redesigned the website navigation to call out BPaaS (Business Process as a Service), the Solutions (by buyer persona and business process), and the Apps that enabled these services offerings.


Analyst Positioning: We worked extensively with the client to help position the BPaaS offering to Gartner, and helped win a Cool Vendor title for them in 2019. This also helped clarify the offering to prospect customers about how BPaaS can help transform their service supply chain.

Enlyft drives persona-led web experience, increases engagement
with ROI tools for prospects

Enlyft, the Seattle-based company that helps its customers get actionable marketing intelligence about enterprise clients, had a traditional website that showcased what they did: offer actionable marketing intelligence. They approached us to help rethink this model and launch a new site in time for the Serius Decisions event, where they were sponsors.

We worked with the head of sales and customer-facing teams to understand what their pitch was, and what were some of the push-backs to a sales close. Clearly the existing messaging was not working enough, and the leadership was open to rethinking the entire site.

The key buyer personas for their product are heads of marketing, sales, and data scientists. With research, customer experience insights, and experts interviews, we identified the key challenges these three personas face, and how the Enlyft product helps overcome these challenges.

Website: We created a new set of navigation calling the attention of marketing, sales, and data scientists, and a series of customized landing pages for each of them. We also created an ROI calculator that would help them identify their challenges and how they could improve.

Outcomes: The new site was launched in 60 days, in time for the Serius Decisions event. The client is seeing higher traffic to the persona pages, and increased use of their ROI tool.

Italian product company launches America business, scales with focus on retail industry transformation

ORS Group is a Milan, Italy based product company that has built a strong portfolio of products in the supply chain space to leverage data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to drive real-time sense-and-respond capabilities in different points of the chain—from planning to procurement to production to distribution to retail allocation to customer service.

The client approached us to help enter the U.S. market and scale their customer acquisition process, as they saw the retail industry in America ready for disruption.

Positioning: We reviewed the suite of products and their applications in customer use cases, and agreed to position the offering as Algorithmic Decision Automation. The ORS platform can digest diverse data sources, compute real-time algorithmic scenarios, and even automate the decision making process for many business cases. Once this was agreed on, we launched the next steps.


Website: We created a new URL specific to the US Retail Market, and launched a full-blown website targeting the retail buyers—from planners to procurement to production and distribution buyers. Since most clients struggle with the data part, we created a simple try-and-scale model where client users can bring their excel sheets (mostly where data is stored), export them to our client platform, and start seeing the results of real-time data driven business transformation.

Evangelism: This concept is disruptive to the retail industry, and requires a strong evangelism to help address concerns, drive the message of real-time decision making, and visibility in the supply chain. Our content plan addressed these needs, and we continue to build out digital assets for the entire funnel.


Demand Generation: Since the client has a very thin presence in the U.S., we took the responsibility of driving demand generation for them. We are creating a pipeline of opportunity conversations that are converting into strong leads.


Data + Decisions + Automation = Satisfied Customers + Revenue Growth + Extra Cash
Cross-border Services Innovation firm TaaSCom builds traction in helping companies transform into as-a-Service economy

TaasCom, the as-a-Services innovation company, is based in India, and chose to work with Purplepatch to launch the brand, market penetration, and customer acquisition programs.

The Subscription Economy is changing the way people are buying: from things and services to experiences. The TaasCom leadership recognizes this transformational change, and how enterprises are struggling to move from point transactions to owning the entire experience delivery. Even as they are building a multi-dimensional platform that would help their customers embark on a data-driven transformation process, the leadership realized that evangelism and concept marketing would be key drivers to build out their sales pipeline.

Launchpad: TaasCom and Purplepatch decided to use a business conference in Chicago as the launchpad for the brand, and built out a complete marketing program to align with the event, our participation, product demo, and audience engagement.

Website: It was imperative that the anchor of our digital marketing program, the website, serves as a guided experience for prospects to understand what we could help them with, how, and why they should be considering transformation now. We designed the navigation to uniquely guide visitors to learn the importance of having to transform their business now, take small but iterative steps in transforming their process, platforms, and people to align to the as-a-Service business model, and show how to embark on this process.


Digital marketing: We have embarked on a year-long evangelism and network building exercise, where we leverage our powerful content factory model to help the client cadence a series of educative, thoughtful, and inquisitive content across B2B portals, social tools, and campaigns. These are designed to continuously build interest in the as-a-Service models, how customers could leverage the TaasCom platform to accelerate the transformation, and begin with quick PoCs in some of their business units.

Network effect:The transformation into an as-a-Service economy cannot be done by a single entity, as many companies rely on an extensive range of support systems to deliver current customer engagement. Purplepatch and TaasCom are launching an independent thought leadership portal that envisions building consensus amongst all players in the as-a-Service economy, design standards collaboratively, and accelerate learning for new customers who want to embark on this journey.


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