Content-driven Engagement

Content-driven Engagement

Your buyer is also a consumer—they are constantly seeking information, validating and verifying their assumptions, and exploring opportunities to expand or mitigate risks.

Purplepatch works with B2B product and services companies to build a content-driven engagement with their prospects and customers to:

Deliver content that is valuable
to the buyers’ information
Build trust and engender conversations
Create opportunities for contextual discussions
Our content-driven engagement takes ABM research and insights to create a powerful, continuous, and contextually relevant bridge to prospects and customers.
Build Buyer Journeys

Build Buyer Journeys

  • What motivates them to move from status quo
  • Where do they seek information? What kind of information do they seek?
  • How do they make decisions?
  • What are their buying processes?
  • Who is your competition and how are they better or where do they lack ability to help buyers move the needle?
Develop A Content Calendar

Develop A Content Calendar

  • Using keyword and qualitative research, build topics to align with buyers’ needs
  • Create content topics and types for different personas in the target accounts
  • Plan a weekly, monthly, and quarterly strategy
  • Review content performance and update calendar with new topics, asset types, and persona needs
Publish Content Across Channels

Publish Content Across Channels

  • Create content for consumption across multiple channels—web, mobile, tablet, social feed, and streaming
  • Set up tools to track content performance and consumption patterns
  • Refresh content continuously
  • Set up funnel metrics and develop content for each layer of the funnel

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Smart Content

Why You Should Invest in Smart Content Instead of Just More

In this ebook, you'll learn:

  • How today's customers are Snacking, Seeking, and Selecting content to keep up with the oversupply and maintain their sanity
  • What types of content fit these new consumption patterns
  • How to map and execute your content plan to reach hot leads and get your marketing message across
  • How to apply the Content Factory model to your content strategy, and more...