Account-based Marketing (ABM)

Account-based Marketing

“Sandy the CFO” or “Eric the Executive” are so last year. Account-based Marketing is a focused strategy where we identify prospect companies and market to a customer of “one.”

ABM Focuses on:

Choosing industries that align to your products and
Identifying companies in the chosen verticals similar
to your existing customers
Researching how executives in
these target companies
make decisions
Tracking trends and events that influence the company’s
Planning a multi-channel marketing program that engages prospects in these companies
A successful ABM program requires planning and delivering content that helps prospects understand how your products and services are relevant to their business goals and solving their pain points.
Purplepatch has been pioneering the move from “spray-and-pray” to a mature, well-researched ABM program for our clients, and we have seen significant opportunity recognition in the process. As they say, all things good take time, and ABM is no different. In 90 days or less, we can show you how you can optimize your marketing spend, focus on revenue-generating accounts, and build a richer funnel.

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